Manual Activation

If you're experiencing issues activating iMindMap on a high-security network, it's possible that the proxy server or firewall is blocking the connection to our servers

In this scenario, you would need to perform a "Manual activation".

Performing a Manual Activation

If when trying to activate iMindMap 11 you receive the message "Activation Failed", you will need to follow these steps to manually activate the software.


Click "Save activation file", save the .imxa file to your computer, I recommend somewhere like your desktop so that you can locate it easily.

Go to the Manual Activation web page by clicking here. You will need your iMindMap account to log in. If you haven't got an iMindMap account you can create one by clicking "Sign Up".


Once you've logged in, scroll down to Step 2 on the manual activation page and select Browse to upload the .imxa file


Once the .imxa file has been uploaded click Activate.


You will now be able to save the .imxl file to your computer, this is the file you will need to activate iMindMap.

Once you have downloaded the .imxl file, go back to iMindMap and choose Select Activation File.


Locate where you have saved the .imxl file and upload it.

iMindMap 11 will now be activated.


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