iMindMap 9 Desktop - Manual Activation Instructions

Here are some clear instructions on how to perform the Manual Activation of iMindMap 9 successfully:

You may need to perform this if you are attempting to run iMindMap from behind a proxy server or firewall which is blocking connection to our servers.



1. Run iMindMap 9

2. Enter your serial number:

 3. The following screen will appear, select 'Save activation File':


4. Locate a familiar location on your computer such as your Desktop and then click Save.

5. You will now need to upload the .IMXA file which has just been generated to the manual activation web page using the link below: - (If you do not have an account please sign up for one on this page and re log in to it after doing so)

6. After logging in scroll down to Step 2 on the web page and select 'Choose File' on the web page itself.

7. Locate and select the imm_activation.imxa file that you saved in Step 4 of these instructions.


8. Once you have selected the .IMXA file, select the Activate button.

9. You will then be able to download the activated .IMXL file needed to activate iMindMap 9 successfully.

10. Once you have downloaded the .IMXL file, go back to iMindMap 9 and choose 'Select Activation File'. Then choose the .IMXL file in order to activate iMindMap 9 successfully.



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