What are the latest updates in iMindMap?

iMindMap 11 Out Now!

Exclusive new features for iMindMap 11:

Home & Student

Split Screen Mode


Ultimate and Ultimate Plus

Radial Map View

Organisational Chart View

Full Fast Capture View: Bubble Web & Bubble Groups 

Split Screen mode


Change log 10.1


- Mac permissions issue and reactivation potential fix 
- Mac running from DMG issue addressed 

iMindMap Cloud

- Cloud error handling improved

- Username field added to account panel to show current logged in

- Appmeta parsing issue fix for non-standard paths



- Licensing reduce activation message updated

- DropBox API update

- Document export overflow potential fix (Only two pages appearing in document issue)

- Document export disable image option by default and include message for higher resolution images


Mind Map View

- Clockwise branch addition if layout set to full condense

- Task icon options added in Mind Map view to reflect task data from Timemap view

- Floating text and flow chart shapes now support relationships

Presentation Mode

- Relative link support fixed for Presentation view


Project View

- Project Gantt/Table to Image options added

Time Map View

Moving milestones positioning fix in Timemap View

- Task side panel sizing fix in Timemap view (reduce size and implemented scrolling)

- Display DND icon in Outline panel if item missing from Timemap view

- Task icon options added in Mind Map view to reflect task data from Timemap view

Brainstorm View

- First addition of list element in Brainstorm view fixed

- Group/List resize at scale fix in Brainstorm view



Change log 10.0.4


Presentation View

- Overview panel- pop-up whilst in presentation mode


fast capture
- right click to remove image option added
- undo/redo image fix

- toggle brainstorm idea size added (Mac)
- list idea label bounds overflow fix

mind map
- fix for boundary removal leaving orphaned cells
- tag icons fix to reflect tagged status
- tag support undo/redo
- fix for scrollbar visibility not updating for preference
- target update for freehand: switch draw and move locations

- navigator panel- pop-up 

time map

- milestone flag target icons removed from export
- milestone connection delete support
- task with images updated - undoable, resizable
- task move - use Cmd/Ctrl to move predecessor tasks at the same time
- task dates update for exporting to droptask
- zoom / scrollbar overlap fix (Mac)
- task resize restrictions reduced
- show import prompt if view re-entry if empty
- fix for freeze when connecting nested tasks
- update for date calculations, use days rather than nearest interval for range (e.g. month / week)
- added interval sizing options and date range change to side panel

notifications updated
- map switch panel pinnable (Win)
- fixed short cut for new template

- google drive and dropbox improvements for saving and revision history
- additional validation on saving
- use default file location for open dialog if no recent available
- fix for setting default save location preference

- project & droptask: option to choose time map or project task information

- shortcuts updated
- translations updated
- support links updated
- screen size support: side panels collapse to popup if low on space (Mac)




Change log 10.0.3 



- Email ssl port fix

- Fix for control rendering at low zoom levels

- Fix for branch drag and drop not carrying over all child elements


Mac users

- Task info panel as only enabled in views where it can be utilised.

- Full screen show / hide toolbar reworked

- JFX optional flag - prevents force close error

- View menu update to support smaller screen resolutions



Brain Storm View

- Exporters availability updated


Fast Capture View

-  Bubble “Enter” command restored.

- Hint overlay re-added


Time Map View

- Milestone redesigned

- Task redesigned

- Connector redesigned

-Milestone and task targets redesigned

- Hints added for new targets

- Hints toggle button added to toolbars

- Popup panel redesigned

- Label entry redesigned

- Insert target added (double click on canvas to activate)

- Milestone positions now fixed

- Milestone move now moves tasks horizontally only

- Milestone target implementation updated - click/draw to add/connect tasks

- Drawing connection issues at scale fixed

- Pop-up panel allows remove from milestone

- Pop-up panel visibility toggle option

- Swimlane labels overflow fix

- Swimlanes editable from left column only

-Milestone label entry box position updated

- Panning speed reduced when approaching viewport edges

- Fix for style change not affecting milestone

- Fix for side panel changes not updating tasks

- Use existing task size when adding images (edited)





Change log 10.0.2

Fixes include:


  • Gesture support
  • Cmd key functionality fixed (fixes multi-select, right click and area selection tool)
  • Unresponsive Welcome Screen in full screen mode fixed
  • Scroll bar added for icon panel
  • Full-screen toolbar adjusted for window overlap issue


  • Ribbon toolbar overflow adapts to smaller screens
  • Map preview side panel closes when not in focus
  • Ribbon remains collapsed on selection changes


  • Japanese UI updates for content sizing
  • Fix for Japanese text cut off on start screen


  • Saving and Opening issues fixed
  • Auto-save update - now saves to the original file
  • Video player alerts user when uploaded file is unsupported
  • Side panels resize enabled
  • Tags movable between categories with right click
  • Cloud map links not showing on re-open fixed
  • Files with multiple central ideas can have separate Time Map/ Fast Capture/ Brainstorm views for each idea.
  • Files now open in the last view they were saved in, rather than opening by in Mind Map view by default.

    Time Map View
  • Fix for temporary freeze issue when using undo and redo
  • Mouse cursors added for better UI feedback
  • Image export and preview thumbnail improvements
  • Min zoom updated
  • Increased options for number of weeks, months
  • Task side panel fixes for different date ranges
  • Cell deletion inconsistent fix
  • Copy and paste support
  • Added relationship arrows for connecting tasks 

Fast Capture View

  • Shortcuts more in-line with MMV
  • Dnd support for images
  • Image side panel
  • Memory improvements
  • Select local image folder option added

 Mind Map View

  • Selection highlighting for relationships
  • Sketch tool text editor selection fix
  • Show hide options updated for new attachment option
  • Links side panel updated
  • Control point manipulation fix 
  • Presentation audio notes close button added
  • Map preview panel updates on switching components
  • URL links replacing branch text on paste - now added as link
  • Task icon clickable fix

Brain Storm View

  • Selection highlighting for relationships


Change Log 10.0.1

Fixes include:

  • Password protection only shows in Ultimate 
  • Outline panel search isn't case sensitive 
  • Increase decrease font shortcuts updated 
  • Add background image fix 
  • Windows UI tweak for frame border 
  • Mac Biggerplate search UI frame fixed 
  • Mac UI align icon resized 
  • Open file fixes 
  • OPML importer updates 
  • Keyboard shortcuts updated 
  • More translations added - French, Chinese simplified and traditional, Portuguese and Japanese updates 
  • Tags panel - fix for loading issue and disable filtering button outside Mind Map View 

Fast Capture View


  • Input method fix 

Brainstorm View


  • Fixed positioning when converting list/group to idea 

Mind Map View


  • Branch attachments redesigned 
  • Formatting popup offset to avoid new target 
  • Image rotation enabled 

Time Map View


  • Swimlanes - Saving issue corrected
  • Restyled, inherits colours from map theme 
  • Insert task when milestone selected fixed 
  • Main branches with no children now included as milestones on import 
  • Side panel allows changing date ranges (when no task selected)




Change Log 9.0.3

Features & Improvements:

  • Biggerplate share option
  • Evernote share map option
  • Fast Capture text align option
  • Clickable links in 3D View
  • Clickable links in 3D Presentation View
  • Switch between Presenter/Presentation View for single screen
  • Relationships support notes and links
  • Gantt print includes task names
  • Document exporter includes Flowcharts
  • PowerPoint slides export supports background image
  • Brainstorm arrow navigation
  • Hide formatting pop-up option
  • Spellchecker includes Flowchart items
  • Label align option added to formatting pop-up

Bug fixes:

  • Brainstorm group style change bug fix
  • Manual activation shortcut not working on Mac
  • Additional error codes for manual activation
  • Menu item availability in Fast Capture on Mac
  • Frame not persisting size
  • UI fixes for translated content
  • Keyboard shortcut document updated
  • Fast Capture breadcrumb text fixes
  • Fast Capture edit button added
  • Branch order persisted for child map
  • Mac image panel missing options on view switch
  • Fix for import map error - model validation
  • Large text import warning
  • Paste branch to canvas pop up idea chooser
  • Slow start up notification more prominent
  • Arrow support when focusing in
  • Insert central idea in 3D View not working for 3D ideas
  • Brainstorm DND image from browser

Change Log 9.0.2

Fast Capture:

  • Drag and drop support (click and hold to initiate)
  • Added indicators to nodes to show number of children
  • Breadcrumb overlay - shows path for current selection
  • Updated toolbar - include clipboard section, moved show/hide ancestors to layout section
  • Removed arrow navigation
  • Make parent node the same colour as out of focus nodes - only current node and children should be orange
  • Prompt before deleting multiple nodes (e.g. descendants), also select parent after delete action
  • Hide ancestors by default
  • Fix bug where mac cmd+c / cmd+v / cmd+x actions were duplicated
  • Fix for detached nodes - caused by adding children to hidden nodes in another view
  • Formatting option availability updated on Mac

Mind Map:

  • Added box/branch convert button to label editor
  • Fix for auto scroll preference
  • Fix for system beep sound when working on certain legacy maps
  • Filter support for legacy icons
  • Parser update for maps created/updates from other sources
  • Background image fix - position not persisting correctly on some maps and exports, thumbnails


  • Added icons to brainstorm painter for image export and printing
  • Added fix for box branches causing groups to change to ideas

Presentation View:

  • Fix for images not loading in Presentation View notes on presenter screen
  • Updated fonts in the notes to be white as users reporting visibility issues with various colours due to the black background
  • Fix for opening child maps on Mac


  • Broken file link handler update


  • Flow cell paste fixes for selection
  • Locale support
  • Fix for label editors not registering spaces when using IME's
  • Added fallback key for missing translation
  • Disable spell checker for non supporting locales when choosing language at first launch


  • Fix for losing focus from notes panel when central idea selected


  • Increase drop down size (too short for text on Mac)
  • Fix for issue where switching tabs didn't update the tool bar
  • Fix for find dialog not resizing to fit content for certain locales
  • Update presentation export tab states to reflect availability


  • PDF image export alternative option, accessible from preferences - enable if experiencing issues exporting to image in PDF format
  • PDF document export - support for different branch image formats
  • All document exporters - fix for one line notes not exporting


  • Potential fix for open on double click bug on Mac

Change Log 9.0.1

  • Dnd image from browser fix on mac *requires reinstall
  • Word export: include images from notes
  • Excel export: compatibility fixes
  • German text updated
  • Close share dialog after re-auth redirect
  • Outline panel: fix for [unlabelled group] text added in Brainstorm View
  • Mac welcome page locale fix
  • Import wizard locale fix
  • Fix for task resources not displaying on Mac
  • Fast Capture word wrapping fix
  • Brainstorm View: icons panel missing on Mac
  • View switching issue fix
  • Evernote share: fix for empty map title
  • Brainstorm arrows not persisting for ideas
  • Recent files fix


Change Log 8.1.0

New Features:

  • Brainstorm export image
  • Vector icon library
  • Brainstorm print


  • Memory performance improvements
  • Import branch notes (Presentation View)
  • Button to clear 'recent images' in images side panel
  • Mac config preference options (adjust allocated memory, retina setting for performance issues)

Bug Fixes:

  • Image panel fixes
  • Use box branch when characters exceed limit - Brainstorm
  • Update text view icons
  • Print dialog - shorten
  • Central idea chooser cut off
  • PDF image export ignores sizes
  • Backup Preferences
  • Print header & footer save bug
  • Linear branch - control point issue on organic maps
  • Other small fixes

Change Log 8.0.6


  • Added option to use default style when creating map
  • Print dialog saves header & footer
  • Fix for map switching panel stops working on Windows
  • Windows frame resize fixes
  • Arrow control points hit area fix
  • Brainstorm file recovery fix
  • Legacy icon support in Filter
  • Exit presentation tab fix


  • Additional retina support for Mac UI
  • Added dialog link to change log


Change Log 8.0.5


  • Notes panel scroll bar styling tweak
  • Installer update - clear data on uninstall (prompt first)
  • Update dialog not functioning correctly on close
  • Disable pre-loader on trial expiry
  • Branch art icon updated
  • Tool tips added for popup label editor
  • Format option in right click menu enabled (Windows)
  • Fix for styles failing to apply
  • Fix for scaled images appearing black when opened on iOS devices
  • Additional symbols added to icon library
  • Create child map from cloud map fix
  • Added missing flowchart elements in some locales
  • Create new map with central idea from file viewport fix
  • Create central idea from file was missing (Mac)
  • Panning with touch pad added to brainstorm view and presentation builder (Mac)
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