What are the latest updates in iMindMap?

iMindMap 11.0.4 Update 08/11/2018

New registration and styling for the licensing process

Radial bug fix (the view not loading for certain maps)

UI encoding fix for hints

Deadlock/freeze fix for large maps with many box branches

PDF doc export page overflow fix

Update to sleep/wake response issue

File recovery improvement

Translation updates

Radial repaint issue fix (mac animation)

Permissions check (mac start up error)


iMindMap 11.0.1 Update 07/06/2018


Notifications added to start screen on mac

Send to Droptask issue fix
Support Get Logs fail message fix

Tutorial box sizes fixed

Import settings on first run

Mac Fixes

Fixes for a crash when loading the app on Mac (Java font issues)

Mac fix for Cmd + N shortcut showing incorrect dialog

Mac freeze issue improved

Full screen functionality changed on Mac - uses native full screen and doesn't hide toolbar

Language Fixes

Korean input text support improved
Latin character branch label positioning fix for italics

Hindi translations completed
Safe font support throughout views

View Fixes

Auto text-resize options in Bubble Web/Group views - you can now use the original font auto sizing (by default) or keep the sizes used in the mind map view

Project view text cut off fix

Brainstorm note type persistence fix
Radial/Bubble group node insert fix

Bubble Web flickering issues resolved

Input text fixes for Radial/Bubble Group
Drag and drop between Mind Map views in split screen for images fixed
Org chart zoom and drag and drop improvements
Notes panel resizable (Mac)

Brainstorm view align to centre fix
Bubble web backgrounds retina fix
Font support - persist mm style in other views
Branch label re-positioning using Alt key re-added


iMindMap 11 Out Now!

Exclusive new features for iMindMap 11:

Home & Student

Split Screen Mode


Ultimate and Ultimate Plus

Radial Map View

Organisational Chart View

Full Fast Capture View: Bubble Web & Bubble Groups 

Split Screen mode


Change log 10.1


- Mac permissions issue and reactivation potential fix 
- Mac running from DMG issue addressed 

iMindMap Cloud

- Cloud error handling improved

- Username field added to account panel to show current logged in

- Appmeta parsing issue fix for non-standard paths



- Licensing reduce activation message updated

- DropBox API update

- Document export overflow potential fix (Only two pages appearing in document issue)

- Document export disable image option by default and include message for higher resolution images


Mind Map View

- Clockwise branch addition if layout set to full condense

- Task icon options added in Mind Map view to reflect task data from Timemap view

- Floating text and flow chart shapes now support relationships

Presentation Mode

- Relative link support fixed for Presentation view


Project View

- Project Gantt/Table to Image options added

Time Map View

Moving milestones positioning fix in Timemap View

- Task side panel sizing fix in Timemap view (reduce size and implemented scrolling)

- Display DND icon in Outline panel if item missing from Timemap view

- Task icon options added in Mind Map view to reflect task data from Timemap view

Brainstorm View

- First addition of list element in Brainstorm view fixed

- Group/List resize at scale fix in Brainstorm view



Change log 10.0.4


Presentation View

- Overview panel- pop-up whilst in presentation mode


fast capture
- right click to remove image option added
- undo/redo image fix

- toggle brainstorm idea size added (Mac)
- list idea label bounds overflow fix

mind map
- fix for boundary removal leaving orphaned cells
- tag icons fix to reflect tagged status
- tag support undo/redo
- fix for scrollbar visibility not updating for preference
- target update for freehand: switch draw and move locations

- navigator panel- pop-up 

time map

- milestone flag target icons removed from export
- milestone connection delete support
- task with images updated - undoable, resizable
- task move - use Cmd/Ctrl to move predecessor tasks at the same time
- task dates update for exporting to droptask
- zoom / scrollbar overlap fix (Mac)
- task resize restrictions reduced
- show import prompt if view re-entry if empty
- fix for freeze when connecting nested tasks
- update for date calculations, use days rather than nearest interval for range (e.g. month / week)
- added interval sizing options and date range change to side panel

notifications updated
- map switch panel pinnable (Win)
- fixed short cut for new template

- google drive and dropbox improvements for saving and revision history
- additional validation on saving
- use default file location for open dialog if no recent available
- fix for setting default save location preference

- project & droptask: option to choose time map or project task information

- shortcuts updated
- translations updated
- support links updated
- screen size support: side panels collapse to popup if low on space (Mac)




Change log 10.0.3 



- Email ssl port fix

- Fix for control rendering at low zoom levels

- Fix for branch drag and drop not carrying over all child elements


Mac users

- Task info panel as only enabled in views where it can be utilised.

- Full screen show / hide toolbar reworked

- JFX optional flag - prevents force close error

- View menu update to support smaller screen resolutions



Brain Storm View

- Exporters availability updated


Fast Capture View

-  Bubble “Enter” command restored.

- Hint overlay re-added


Time Map View

- Milestone redesigned

- Task redesigned

- Connector redesigned

-Milestone and task targets redesigned

- Hints added for new targets

- Hints toggle button added to toolbars

- Popup panel redesigned

- Label entry redesigned

- Insert target added (double click on canvas to activate)

- Milestone positions now fixed

- Milestone move now moves tasks horizontally only

- Milestone target implementation updated - click/draw to add/connect tasks

- Drawing connection issues at scale fixed

- Pop-up panel allows remove from milestone

- Pop-up panel visibility toggle option

- Swimlane labels overflow fix

- Swimlanes editable from left column only

-Milestone label entry box position updated

- Panning speed reduced when approaching viewport edges

- Fix for style change not affecting milestone

- Fix for side panel changes not updating tasks

- Use existing task size when adding images (edited)





Change log 10.0.2

Fixes include:


  • Gesture support
  • Cmd key functionality fixed (fixes multi-select, right click and area selection tool)
  • Unresponsive Welcome Screen in full screen mode fixed
  • Scroll bar added for icon panel
  • Full-screen toolbar adjusted for window overlap issue


  • Ribbon toolbar overflow adapts to smaller screens
  • Map preview side panel closes when not in focus
  • Ribbon remains collapsed on selection changes


  • Japanese UI updates for content sizing
  • Fix for Japanese text cut off on start screen


  • Saving and Opening issues fixed
  • Auto-save update - now saves to the original file
  • Video player alerts user when uploaded file is unsupported
  • Side panels resize enabled
  • Tags movable between categories with right click
  • Cloud map links not showing on re-open fixed
  • Files with multiple central ideas can have separate Time Map/ Fast Capture/ Brainstorm views for each idea.
  • Files now open in the last view they were saved in, rather than opening by in Mind Map view by default.

    Time Map View
  • Fix for temporary freeze issue when using undo and redo
  • Mouse cursors added for better UI feedback
  • Image export and preview thumbnail improvements
  • Min zoom updated
  • Increased options for number of weeks, months
  • Task side panel fixes for different date ranges
  • Cell deletion inconsistent fix
  • Copy and paste support
  • Added relationship arrows for connecting tasks 

Fast Capture View

  • Shortcuts more in-line with MMV
  • Dnd support for images
  • Image side panel
  • Memory improvements
  • Select local image folder option added

 Mind Map View

  • Selection highlighting for relationships
  • Sketch tool text editor selection fix
  • Show hide options updated for new attachment option
  • Links side panel updated
  • Control point manipulation fix 
  • Presentation audio notes close button added
  • Map preview panel updates on switching components
  • URL links replacing branch text on paste - now added as link
  • Task icon clickable fix

Brain Storm View

  • Selection highlighting for relationships


Change Log 10.0.1

Fixes include:

  • Password protection only shows in Ultimate 
  • Outline panel search isn't case sensitive 
  • Increase decrease font shortcuts updated 
  • Add background image fix 
  • Windows UI tweak for frame border 
  • Mac Biggerplate search UI frame fixed 
  • Mac UI align icon resized 
  • Open file fixes 
  • OPML importer updates 
  • Keyboard shortcuts updated 
  • More translations added - French, Chinese simplified and traditional, Portuguese and Japanese updates 
  • Tags panel - fix for loading issue and disable filtering button outside Mind Map View 

Fast Capture View


  • Input method fix 

Brainstorm View


  • Fixed positioning when converting list/group to idea 

Mind Map View


  • Branch attachments redesigned 
  • Formatting popup offset to avoid new target 
  • Image rotation enabled 

Time Map View


  • Swimlanes - Saving issue corrected
  • Restyled, inherits colours from map theme 
  • Insert task when milestone selected fixed 
  • Main branches with no children now included as milestones on import 
  • Side panel allows changing date ranges (when no task selected)




Change Log 9.0.3

Features & Improvements:

  • Biggerplate share option
  • Evernote share map option
  • Fast Capture text align option
  • Clickable links in 3D View
  • Clickable links in 3D Presentation View
  • Switch between Presenter/Presentation View for single screen
  • Relationships support notes and links
  • Gantt print includes task names
  • Document exporter includes Flowcharts
  • PowerPoint slides export supports background image
  • Brainstorm arrow navigation
  • Hide formatting pop-up option
  • Spellchecker includes Flowchart items
  • Label align option added to formatting pop-up

Bug fixes:

  • Brainstorm group style change bug fix
  • Manual activation shortcut not working on Mac
  • Additional error codes for manual activation
  • Menu item availability in Fast Capture on Mac
  • Frame not persisting size
  • UI fixes for translated content
  • Keyboard shortcut document updated
  • Fast Capture breadcrumb text fixes
  • Fast Capture edit button added
  • Branch order persisted for child map
  • Mac image panel missing options on view switch
  • Fix for import map error - model validation
  • Large text import warning
  • Paste branch to canvas pop up idea chooser
  • Slow start up notification more prominent
  • Arrow support when focusing in
  • Insert central idea in 3D View not working for 3D ideas
  • Brainstorm DND image from browser

Change Log 9.0.2

Fast Capture:

  • Drag and drop support (click and hold to initiate)
  • Added indicators to nodes to show number of children
  • Breadcrumb overlay - shows path for current selection
  • Updated toolbar - include clipboard section, moved show/hide ancestors to layout section
  • Removed arrow navigation
  • Make parent node the same colour as out of focus nodes - only current node and children should be orange
  • Prompt before deleting multiple nodes (e.g. descendants), also select parent after delete action
  • Hide ancestors by default
  • Fix bug where mac cmd+c / cmd+v / cmd+x actions were duplicated
  • Fix for detached nodes - caused by adding children to hidden nodes in another view
  • Formatting option availability updated on Mac

Mind Map:

  • Added box/branch convert button to label editor
  • Fix for auto scroll preference
  • Fix for system beep sound when working on certain legacy maps
  • Filter support for legacy icons
  • Parser update for maps created/updates from other sources
  • Background image fix - position not persisting correctly on some maps and exports, thumbnails


  • Added icons to brainstorm painter for image export and printing
  • Added fix for box branches causing groups to change to ideas

Presentation View:

  • Fix for images not loading in Presentation View notes on presenter screen
  • Updated fonts in the notes to be white as users reporting visibility issues with various colours due to the black background
  • Fix for opening child maps on Mac


  • Broken file link handler update


  • Flow cell paste fixes for selection
  • Locale support
  • Fix for label editors not registering spaces when using IME's
  • Added fallback key for missing translation
  • Disable spell checker for non supporting locales when choosing language at first launch


  • Fix for losing focus from notes panel when central idea selected


  • Increase drop down size (too short for text on Mac)
  • Fix for issue where switching tabs didn't update the tool bar
  • Fix for find dialog not resizing to fit content for certain locales
  • Update presentation export tab states to reflect availability


  • PDF image export alternative option, accessible from preferences - enable if experiencing issues exporting to image in PDF format
  • PDF document export - support for different branch image formats
  • All document exporters - fix for one line notes not exporting


  • Potential fix for open on double click bug on Mac

Change Log 9.0.1

  • Dnd image from browser fix on mac *requires reinstall
  • Word export: include images from notes
  • Excel export: compatibility fixes
  • German text updated
  • Close share dialog after re-auth redirect
  • Outline panel: fix for [unlabelled group] text added in Brainstorm View
  • Mac welcome page locale fix
  • Import wizard locale fix
  • Fix for task resources not displaying on Mac
  • Fast Capture word wrapping fix
  • Brainstorm View: icons panel missing on Mac
  • View switching issue fix
  • Evernote share: fix for empty map title
  • Brainstorm arrows not persisting for ideas
  • Recent files fix


Change Log 8.1.0

New Features:

  • Brainstorm export image
  • Vector icon library
  • Brainstorm print


  • Memory performance improvements
  • Import branch notes (Presentation View)
  • Button to clear 'recent images' in images side panel
  • Mac config preference options (adjust allocated memory, retina setting for performance issues)

Bug Fixes:

  • Image panel fixes
  • Use box branch when characters exceed limit - Brainstorm
  • Update text view icons
  • Print dialog - shorten
  • Central idea chooser cut off
  • PDF image export ignores sizes
  • Backup Preferences
  • Print header & footer save bug
  • Linear branch - control point issue on organic maps
  • Other small fixes

Change Log 8.0.6


  • Added option to use default style when creating map
  • Print dialog saves header & footer
  • Fix for map switching panel stops working on Windows
  • Windows frame resize fixes
  • Arrow control points hit area fix
  • Brainstorm file recovery fix
  • Legacy icon support in Filter
  • Exit presentation tab fix


  • Additional retina support for Mac UI
  • Added dialog link to change log


Change Log 8.0.5


  • Notes panel scroll bar styling tweak
  • Installer update - clear data on uninstall (prompt first)
  • Update dialog not functioning correctly on close
  • Disable pre-loader on trial expiry
  • Branch art icon updated
  • Tool tips added for popup label editor
  • Format option in right click menu enabled (Windows)
  • Fix for styles failing to apply
  • Fix for scaled images appearing black when opened on iOS devices
  • Additional symbols added to icon library
  • Create child map from cloud map fix
  • Added missing flowchart elements in some locales
  • Create new map with central idea from file viewport fix
  • Create central idea from file was missing (Mac)
  • Panning with touch pad added to brainstorm view and presentation builder (Mac)
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