iMindMap 8 Trial - Unknown Error when logging in

This error usually occurs when attempting to log in to iMindMap on a computer which has high internet security enabled. It can also be an issue for computers which are part of a managed network which has high internet security enabled or any proxy servers in place which block iMindMap from accessing the internet. Commonly used in schools, colleges, universities and companies.

We would always recommend contacting your systems administrator firstly regarding this issue as they may need to grant access to iMindMap connecting to the internet from your computer.

They will need to ensure that iMindMap can access the following ports and domain:

Domain: *
Port: 80 & 443

Also the following URL's may need to be white listed:

Alternatively we would recommend downloading the trial of iMindMap on to a personal computer which is connected to a network which does not have as much high security such as a home network.



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