Windows - iMindMap 7 Presentation Crash / Export as PowerPoint Crash

We are currently aware of an issue on some computers whereby iMindMap 7 may crash when using Presentation mode or exporting your Mind Map as a Presentation file.

This is usually caused by iMindMap running out of memory. iMindMap has a limited amount of resources allocated to it at start up but we can increase this amount as follows. 

1. Run iMindMap

2. Click the ? help icon in the top right of the application

3. In the Help window click the Diagnostics button

4. In the Diagnostics popup select the Performance tab

5. Increase the slider by 50-100MB

6. Click Save and close the popup and restart iMindMap

If you continue to have this issue try increasing the amount further, if this doesn't work please let us know at



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