Mac - iMindMap Presentation Crash / Export as PowerPoint Crash

We are currently aware of an issue on some Mac computers whereby iMindMap may crash when entering Presentation mode or exporting your Mind Map as a Presentation file.

iMindMap is written in Java and has a limited amount of resources allocated to it on start up.

You could try increasing the amount of memory iMindMap is allowed to use by following the instructions below which may resolve the issue:

1) Download and unzip the attached or file (depending on what version of iMindMap you have) below these instructions and open it to get the Info.plist file.

2) Find the iMindMap Application file, right click it and choose 'Show Package Contents'.

3) Enter the 'Contents' folder, you should see the normal 'Info.plist' file here, rename this file to something like Info.plist.backup

4) Move the Info.plist file downloaded from this article into the iMindMap Contents folder.

Once this is done please try running iMindMap again to see if there is any improvement.

If you continue to experience any problems please let us know by emailing our support team at

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