How to sync your Mind Maps between iMindMap desktop and mobile devices

If you have purchased iMindMap Cloud you will be able to access the iMindMap Cloud without any restrictions from the following locations:

  • iMindMap Desktop software (Home & Student or Ultimate edition)
  • iMindMap Mobile device apps  (iPad and iPhone, these can be purchased on the iTunes app store, the Cloud is an in app purchase)
  • iMindMap Cloud website at


You simply need to log in to the same iMindMap account at any of the above locations in order to access the iMindMap Cloud. If you have not purchased an iMindMap Cloud subscription you will be limited to only synchronising your first 5 Mind Maps, once every 24 hours.




To synchronise your Mind Maps from the desktop version of iMindMap to a mobile device:


  • Open or Create a map you wish to synchronise to the Cloud within iMindMap desktop edition (Home & Student or Ultimate).
  • Go to File > Save As > Save to iMindMap Cloud  
  • You may be asked to log in to your account if you have not already done so.
  • Next, type an name for your map, this is what the map will be known as when saved to the Cloud.
  • Finally select 'Save to iMindMap Cloud'.
  • Now that the map is on the Cloud you can close it from the desktop.
  • To access the map on your mobile device, please firstly download the iMindMap app through iTunes for the iPhone or iPad
  • Log in to the same iMindMap account.
  • If on the iPad or iPhone, you can simply scroll downwards on the map list on the left hand side of the app in order to force a synchronisation. 
  • Doing this should then synchronise your Mind Map to the mobile device where you can make changes.


***PLEASE NOTE***: When making any changes to a map already saved to the Cloud on the Desktop edition of iMindMap, in order for the Mind Map to synchronise correctly, you just need to make the changes, close the tab and select 'Yes' when asked to Save the changes and the map will synchronise automatically to the Cloud. 


You do not need to go to File > Save As > Save to Cloud again as this will create a duplicate copy of your map on the Cloud. The map tab will need to be closed before it is able to synchronise correctly.

We always recommend ensuring to only access a map on a single device at any one time to ensure that there are no confusion between what will be updated. After making changes, always close the map and then access on another device if needed.




To synchronise your Mind Maps from the mobile device to the desktop edition of iMindMap:

  • Create or open a Mind Map within the iMindMap Mobile device app.
  • After making any changes, go back to the main My Maps list menu and if on iPad or iPhone, simply scroll down on the map menu list which will force a synchronisation.
  • The map should then be automatically synchronised to the iMindMap Cloud.
  • You can then access this on the desktop edition of iMindMap by opening iMindMap on your desktop and selecting iMindMap Cloud from the File menu or bottom left hand corner of the Window.
  • After logging in please select the Synchronise button in order to ensure all the map have been synchronised correctly.



The iMindMap Cloud website area at gives you a full overview as to what maps are on the iMindMap Cloud and allows you to edit them using the online Web editor (a very basic version of iMindMap). 

You can also remove maps permanently from the Cloud here by selecting them and pressing the Delete button. You can also save your Mind Maps as a .imx file to your computer using the Export feature and upload .imx files directly in to the Cloud using the Import feature that can be found here. 


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