Does iMindMap Cloud work with iMindMap on my desktop?

If you are subscribed to iMindMap Cloud you can access iMindMap Cloud from within iMindMap desktop editions: Home & Student and Ultimate.

Simply go to File > iMindMap Cloud in the desktop version and here you will see all of the maps that you have stored in the Cloud and maps that have been shared with you. You can save maps to iMindMap Cloud and open maps from iMindMap Cloud all within the desktop.

If you have the iMindMap iPhone or iPad App, you will be able to use the same maps you created on your desktop when you're out and about on the move and vice versa.  So if you’re sat on a train to work you can make a plan for the day in iMindMap on your iPhone or iPad, sync it, and then when you get into the office, open iMindMap on your desktop and the map will be there waiting.

Full access to iMindMap Cloud is only available if you have a subscription to iMindMap Cloud. This is an in app purchase. If you do not have Cloud, you will be able to store up to 5 maps in the Cloud and sync once every 24 hours.

iMindMap Cloud only provides unrestricted access to the Cloud, if you wish to have all of the Mind Mapping editing features available on the desktop edition then you would need to purchase iMindMap Ultimate, or iMindMap Home & Student (includes less features).

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