How do I purchase iMindMap Cloud & Mobile?

You can subscribe to iMindMap Cloud & Mobile for 12 months through the ThinkBuzan website. You will be asked to create an iMindMap Account before subscribing, or to log in if you already have one, so that your subscription can be added to your account. You will use your iMindMap Account login details to access the iMindMap mobile apps, and iMindMap Cloud in iMindMap desktop software. Subscribe Now

Alternatively, if you have downloaded any of the iMindMap mobile apps, you can subscribe for 30 days or 12 months through the app by clicking on Settings (Cog icon in the bottom right corner on iOS or bottom left on Android). If you do not have a iMindMap Cloud & Mobile subscription, you can click ‘Upgrade’ to purchase one. If you already have a subscription, you should see the expiry date for your subscription next to ‘Expires’. You can click this to top up your subscription if you wish to purchase more time.

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