I receive the error code Error 1026

iMindMap requires write permissions to some areas of your computer in order to function correctly. This message means that iMindMap cannot write to one or more of these locations.

The simplest resolution to this issue is to run iMindMap as an administrator (log in as a user with administrator rights).

If this does not resolve the issue it is likely that your user does not have permissions to write to the necessary locations, we recommend following the instructions below in order to resolve it.


1. Please open the 'Terminal' application within your Mac operating system. This can be found in the Applications folder under 'Utilities'.

2. After the terminal window as loaded please type the following exactly as it appears below (please make note of the spaces):

sudo mkdir -m 775 /Library/Application\ Support/ThinkBuzan

After typing the above please press Enter and this should now elevate your permissions to allow you to access iMindMap 5.

In the unlikely case that this does not work, please type the following in to the Terminal window as it appears below:

sudo chmod -R 775 /Library/Application\ Support/ThinkBuzan

After typing this press Enter and it should successfully allow you to run the iMindMap software.

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