iMindMap Proxy Requirements

With iMindMap you will need to have an active internet connection to activate the iMindMap trial, activate a purchased copy of iMindMap, access the iMindMap Cloud and browse the iMindMap Image Library.

If you have installed iMindMap on a computer which is part of a managed network which has high internet security, you will most likely face problems attempting to activate iMindMap correctly or use the Cloud and image library.

We always recommend consulting with your network administrator firstly to ensure you would be able to run iMindMap.

You can set your proxy information in the iMindMap license assistant when prompted to (this should display as a 'No Internet Connection Detected' error). 

Proxy information can be obtained from your network administrator.

Alternatively please ensure that your network allows connections to the following domain:   


Ports:   80 and 443

Also you may need to white list the following URL's on your network:

After doing so this should allow you to access iMindMap correctly.


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