How do I print large mind maps?

With larger Mind Maps you may find that when printing or exporting, the text does not display as big as it appears on the screen. The reason for this is that iMindMap will attempt to fit the whole Mind Map on to a single sheet and so must reduce the size of the Mind Map itself.

A way around this issue is to reduce the size of your Mind Map, you can do this in a number of ways:

  • Using Box Branches for when there is more than one word on a branch
  • Reduce the branch length.
  • Move the branches so they are closer together.
  • Change the 'Scale to' settings within the Print settings so that you print the map over a number of pages rather than just a single sheet.
  • Split the map in to separate smaller Mind Maps. (If you have the Ultimate edition you can also use the Child Maps feature to do this).
  • Also with many maps that appear very small when printed out or exported, it is quite common that the map has been created whilst zoomed out. Therefore all of the objects in your map will have been scaled to a very large size. We would recommend using the zoom slide in the bottom right hand corner of the iMindMap window to zoom in to 100% and then scale down the size of your map objects so the map looks a normal size at this zoom level. After doing so you should notice that the Mind Map will export or print at a normal size.

If you still experience any printing problems with a Mind Map that is not very large please let us know sending a copy of it to

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