The End User License Agreement appears every time I run iMindMap 5, 6

In order to resolve this error you will need to delete an imindmap_cache folder that is located on your system.


Please see the instructions below depending on your operating system:

Windows Vista/7:

1. Ensure iMindMap is closed and the iMindMap PreLoader has been closed. To exit the Preloader right click on the iMindMap icon located in the system tray (bottom right hand corner near the clock) and select Exit.

2. Locate the following directory:


The easiest way to locate the ProgramData folder on your computer is to go to Start or press the Windows key on your keyboard and type %PROGRAMDATA% and press Enter. Please note the ProgramData folder is NOT the same as the ProgramFiles folder.

3. After locating this directory please delete the imindmap_cache (iMindMap 5) or imindmap_cache 6 (iMindMap 6) or imindmap_cache7 (iMindMap 7) folder that is located within it.

4. Please then restart iMindMap.


Windows XP:

1. Ensure iMindMap is closed.

2. Delete the imindmap_cache folder that is located in the following directory:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\ThinkBuzan\imindmap_cache

3. After deleting the above imindmap_cache (iMindMap 5), imindmap_cache6 (iMindMap 6) or imindmap_cache7 (iMindMap 7) folder please restart iMindMap.



1. Ensure iMindMap is closed.

2. Delete the imindmap_cache folder that is usually located in the following directory:

Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/ThinkBuzan/

In order to find the imindmap_cache folder please open a new Finder window, select 'Macintosh HD' from the devices section on the left then navigate to 'Library > Application Support > ThinkBuzan' by double clicking them in the Finder window.

3. Please delete the imindmap_cache (iMindMap 5), imindmap_cache6 (iMindMap 6) or imindmap_cache7 (iMindMap 7) folder located here and attempt to run iMindMap again.


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