Have a Technical Issue? Read Me First!

We know that technical issues can be very frustrating and we hate having to bother you with more questions, so please help us to resolve your issue faster by providing the following information when you contact us:


Proof of Purchase Info (If applicable) - Please provide us with an email address or full name of the person who purchased. Also providing us with a copy of your receipt or invoice number you received when purchasing can save more time


Serial Number - We can quite often locate all of your information when you provide us with your most recent iMindMap serial number.


Operating System or Device - Please let us know what computer or mobile device you are experiencing the issue on along with the operating system you are running.


Description of exact issue - Providing us with a detailed description of the issue you are experiencing really helps us to give you the right solution faster.


- Screen Shots - Screen shots help us immensely to diagnose any issues that you are experiencing. Providing screen shots of the issue, error messages or the actions you take leading up to an error message or issue can let us see exactly what is happening on your computer and often allows us to resolve the issue straight away.


If you are unsure of how to take a screen shot please see the guides below:

How to take a screen shot on Windows:

Print screen:    

Screenshot using Snipping Tool:


How to take a screen shot on Mac:

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