iMindMap 7 - Error 252

Error 252 usually means that the serial number has been entered incorrectly in to iMindMap. Please double check to ensure that it has been entered correctly, we recommend copying and pasting it directly from the email you received in to the license assistant. Also please ensure you are entering it in to the correct version of the iMindMap software, e.g v7 serial numbers will only work in the iMindMap 7 software.

We are also aware of another reason for Error 252 to occur, if you feel the serial number is definitely correct, it could be an issue with a firewall or proxy server which is blocking access to the license activation servers. When this happens the manual activation instructions should appear, however we are aware of an issue where Error 252 appears instead which we hope to fix as soon as possible. 

There is a work around for this issue however if you follow the instructions below:

1. Start iMindMap 7

2. Ensure you are completely disconnected from the internet.

3. Use the Enter serial number options in the license assistant and enter the serial number and click Next.

4. The manual activation procedure should now appear.

5. Reconnect to the internet on your computer.

6. Follow the manual activation instructions that appear on our help page below from step 4:

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