Sharing and Printing your iMindMaps

You can show off your iMindMaps to your friends, family and teachers.

To share your iMindMap, first, go to the home screen by tapping “Home”.



Then tap on “library” to choose which iMindMap you would like to share.



Tap on the iMindMap you would like to share, then tap “Share”.



You can then tap on the app where you would like to share your iMindMap.


Saving your iMindMap as an image

To save your iMindMap as an image that you can send to friends, family, tap on “Save Image”

This will download your iMindMap as a picture on your iPad/iPhone.


Printing your iMindMaps

To print out your iMindMap, tap “Print”.



Choose which printer you will be using.

Then tap “Print” to send your iMindMap to the printer.

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