Installing iMindMap 10 on a Mac


If iMindMap 10 is asking you to re-install every time you launch, it's possible that the software hasn't been fully installed in the Application folder.

To ensure iMindMap 10 is correctly installed, please follow the steps below:

1. Download iMindMap 10 using the link below:



2. Once the Download is complete, please go to your Download folder. You can find this on the Dock, in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, or using the Finder window ( File> New> then look at the list of folders in the left hand hand of the Finder window)

3. In the Download folder you will see  the iMindMap 10 installation file ( e.g iMindMap10_mac_.1.1d.dmg)


4. Click on the file. 

5. This will open a folder that has the iMindMap 10 icon and the blue Application folder icon.


6. Using the mouse, click and drag the iMindMap icon to that blue Application folder.

7. This will install the software into your Application folder.

8. Once complete, open iMindMap, then enter your serial number when prompted. Your serial number is located in the email sent to you after purchase. 




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