Blank Screen on Android App?


Finding The Menu Button


The Menu in iMindMap Android mobile app can be opened in few ways depending on the Android device and its built in Menu:

1.    Figure Menu


Please press the square icon and hold it to see menu



In some phones, there might be an additional 3 dot icon which will open menu (Motorola)






2. The 3 dot Menu Icon: Please press the grey big dot with 3 small dots and click on it to see menu





3. The back menu button:

 Please press and hold the back/tasks button (on the right side of the main menu button) on your device and then you should see the menu




4. Enabling Assistant Menu:


 In Samsung’s Galaxy (Note 4, Note 5) devices Menu would need to enable within the phone settings:

Settings>Accessibility>Dexterity and Interaction>Assistant Menu

Which will give a set of soft buttons, one of which is "More Options" or Menu.

·         With the OnePlus3 phones the enabling process would be:

Settings> tapping "Buttons" section > enabling the "On-screen navigation bar"




5. Unable to bring menu with any of the options:


In some recent Android models there is not a pop-up menu available (e.g BlackBerry Keyone). In order to access the iMindMap app menu you will need to install an additional app Menu Button (No root) from the Google Play store:


Once the application is installed you should be able to see 3 dot icon which will bring up the iMindMap app menu. The Menu button app is free to download.



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