Sharing Maps with other iMindMap users

It’s nice and simple to share your Mind Map with other users of iMindMap, just follow the instructions below:

  • Save the map as an .imx file ( this is a format that iMindmap saves mind maps) and attach to an email.
  • Upload the map to Google Drive/DropBox
  • Use your Cloud&Mobile account and share with your contacts

On windows:



On Mac:



 The other iMindMap user will be able to open the file and continue editing it.


If you and the person that you want to share your Mind Map with has an iMindMap Cloud & Mobile account, the easiest way to share your maps would be through the iMindMap Cloud.

To learn more about sharing Mind Maps through the iMindMap Cloud, please click here


 You can share your Mind Map in different formats using the export tool, please click here to find out more. 


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